1millionstartups.com: SDG 5: The national campaign for women’s empowerment Sofija in Croatia

“The main goal of The national campaign for women’s empowerment “Sofija” is the active empowerment and education that will contribute to the personal development and support for the unemployed and abused women. Throughout the campaign, we want them to learn how to cope with the challenges in society and prepare for more active participation in the labor market. Our goal is to increase public awareness of the struggles that they are facing and there are numerous: gender inequality, a choice between career and family, gender pay gap, and all the issues that are on the path of equality.

Our ambassador is Mirela Priselac Remi, a Croatian rapper, singer, and songwriter. She is well known for her authenticity and speaking about the position of women in modern society, a fighter for women’s rights, and gender equality.”

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